Via della Pace, 1 Garda (Verona) ITALIA
Tel. +39 045 7256340

Tobago super cosy:
Sleep well in all our rooms.
Cuddles and dreams.

Soft pillows, wrap-around duvets and comfortable mattresses to fall asleep gently and dream of being cradled by the waves of Lake Garda.

Your room, your space: the feeling of wellness: the place to meet and find calm refuge. Gooood night.

Room IN

Smq. approx. 22

A young-styled room, modern furniture, Italian design.

Room UP

Smq. approx. 26

Charming and welcoming: everything is here to make you feel comfortable.


Smq. approx. 32

Relax in the Jacuzzi in your room, in the cosy and comfortable bed or on the private balcony: here design meets romance.